Naphthalene Balls
Naphthalene Products

Naphthalene is a product to against Moth, Silver Fish or against bad smells in drawers, wardrobes or kitchens. Our quality is of snow white, and with pleasant smells. The Naphthalene Balls are also called Moth Balls. Each of the balls is 3/4 inches in diameter and about 28pcs per 100grams.

We can offer different smell, color, size, shape and packing for clients



Item 8001, Naphthalene Tablets
2 tablets per row, 10 rows per hanger
4 Hangers per polybag, 160g/polybag

  Item 8002, Naphthalene Tablets
4 tablets per row,  8 rows per hanger
3 hangers per polybag, 200g/polybag
Item 8003,  Naphthalene Tablets
4 tablets per row,  4 rows per hanger
6 sheets per ploybag, 200g/polybag
  Item 8005, Naphthalene Tablets & Silica Gels
Naphthalene Tablets,  32 sachets of 2 tablets
Silica Gel,  4 bags of 5g Silica Gel
Item 8007, Naphthalene Tablets
2 tablets per sachets, 40 sachets per polybag
160g polybag
  Item 8301, Naphthalene Balls
227g per polybag
Item 8302, Naphthalene Balls
100g or 110g per polybag
  Item 8303, Naphthalene Balls
150g per polybag
Item 8306, Naphthalene Balls
450g per polybag
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