Cedar Wood
Our products are of natural cedar wood.  Cedar Wood have a natural scent that can expel moth and silver fish and keep your clothes fresh.  Since it contains no chemical, it is healthy to human body, especially for younger kids. 

Our goods can be made in different shapes as below.  We are welcome to have customers' design and packing.

Thick Hang-up 
Size in cm:19(L)X5(W)X1.8(H)
  Thin Hang-up
Size in cm:15(L)X5(W)X1(H)
Wood Blocks
Size in cm:6.5(L)X6(W)X1(H)
Size in cm:6.3(L)X7.5(W)X1(H)
Thin Ducks
Size in cm:6(L)X7.5(W)X1cm(H)
  Fat Ducklings
Size in cm:7(L)X6.7(W)X1(H)
Small Teddy Bears
Size in cm: 6.5(L)X6(W)X1(H)
  Big Teddy Bears
Size in cm: 9.2(L)X8.5(W)X1(H)
Size in cm:8(L)X6.5(W)X1(H)
Size in cm:8(L)X5.2(W)X1(H)
Christmas Trees
Size in cm:11.6(L)X8.6(W)X1(H)
Hanger Ring
Size in cm: Diameter 4cmX1cm (H)
Small Hearts
Size in cm:2.5(L)X2(W)X1(H)
  Small Squares
Size in cm: 2(L)X2(W)X2(H)
Small Balls 
Size in diameter: 2.2 cm
Cedar Wood in ploy bag + header paper card   Cedar Wood in blister card
Cedar Wood Shaving in bag
About 25g/bag
New bags design are welcome
  Cedar Wood Shaving
Cedar Wood Shaving in Paper Bag
About 5g/paper bag
Strong scents and wood dust will not fall out
Good for packing in garment
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